Peter B. Gray

Peter B. Gray

Professor of Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

Research interests


How have human fathers been shaped by evolutionary pressures? How does human fatherhood vary cross-culturally, and why? What are the impacts of becoming fathers on men’s hormones, behavior and health? These are some of the central questions that spark my interest in human fatherhood. My approach to considering these and related aspects of human social and reproductive behavior takes an integrative evolutionary perspective. I seek to consider the phylogenetic (evolutionary history) and adaptive aspects of human fatherhood, as well as how processes of development and physiology mechanisms both shape and are shaped by context. My recent collaborative research has been primarily in the U.S., Jamaica and St. Kitts. I have also taught a variety of classes in the U.S. and Singapore that represent my wider scholarly interests in the evolution of human behavior, human sexuality, evolutionary medicine and human-animal interaction (anthrozoology). Just as Charles Darwin recognized the importance of reproductive pressures in accounting for male anatomy, physiology and behavior, an integrative evolutionary approach offers profound insight in helping understand the origins of and contemporary variation in human fatherhood.


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