Petra L. Klumb

Petra L. Klumb

Associate Professor of Personnel and Organizational Psychology at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland

Research interests

Fatherhood and employment

In my research, I try to understand the interplay between work activities and well-being and activities in the family as well as family relationships. This goes in both directions, from work to family and family to work. The results can be negative (conflicts) as well as positive (synergies).

Our methods help us to capture the interplay as it unfolds over time. In the daily lives of our participants, we see many small changes in well-being that accumulate over time and influence health, relations to others, and also performance. Therefore, it is important not to stop with momentary snap-shots but try to see the bigger picture by investigating the long-term changes to which the daily ups and downs will be crystallized over time, determining the paths of individual development. After mapping the longer-term changes, the next important question is why the changes are not the same but differ for different people.

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